neera retreat hotel

“be eco-conscious”

— neera retreat hotel

the mellow ambiance, combined with mindful adherence to green practices, even in minor details, leaves visitors with simple ideas they can develop in and around their own homes or workplaces to help the environment.

upon arrival, guests will be greeted with a gradated palette of earth tone vibes that exude a warm, welcoming feeling and a sense of seamless unity.

recycling bins are placed throughout the premises and all packages are eco-friendly or made of recyclable materials. in the kitchen, locally sourced ingredients are used to ensure freshness, save on transportation energy and promote the community’s produce. takeaway packaging, and utensils are all made from biodegradable materials, so there’s no unnecessary waste.

wastewater from the hotel is treated properly before disposal to minimize the environmental impact.

eco–conscious hotel service

‘neera eco-kit' is provided to reduce single-use plastic: shopping bag, lunch box, utensils, tumbler, and straw. we provide reusable packaging for our in-room amenities; organic bulk shampoo, soap and lotion dispenser, tooth tab (chewable toothpaste), and local snack minibar. moreover, we also provide an in-room food waste bin for guests to manage their food waste and 100% electric transportation partnered with EV Taxi creating low emission transport to and from the airport. it is important for us to understand deeply the eco-concept through activities within the hotel to reduce carbon footprints on the planet.

eco–material design

some remaining hotel construction materials are upcycled, creating unique decorations and utensils. durable materials are mainly focused on long-term use. additionally, 100% eco-paper and recycled paper are used for all marketing materials and also at our front and back offices.

eco–conscious air quality

being the lungs of the hotel, our 'neera green space' emphasizes green and shady zones where plants are grown around the common area and garden. our architectural design enhances the fresh air ventilation which brings the fresh breeze into our lobby and common areas. essential oils and natural identical substance is used instead of the usual air fresheners. 'neera' is a non-smoking hotel both in-room and common areas: we do provide designated smoking-only areas.

eco–water system

using low-flow shower heads and toilets

using bio-based and non-toxic cleaning products to resolve industrial waste

better water treatment

LED light bulb
energy star-rated
air condition
hot water making machine
air flow
building design

eco–friendly food service

we locally source our food to lessen our carbon footprint and are very serious about our zero-food waste program. our restaurant’s portions are based on sizes and seasonal produce to match each person’s needs. for takeaway or food delivery, we encourage the practice of reusable items and single-use green utensils and packaging. our food never gets unused or leftover, as our team will provide a local food bank for the less fortunate and will also be donated to local schools.

eco–conscious reducing waste

in our common areas, we provide waste and sorting recycling bins.

at ‘neera’ we take recycling and upcycling to the next level. we have partnered with YOLO and GEPP to manage waste sorting to prevent recyclable to landfill and to recycle or upcycle our plastic waste.